Just a few of my guilty pleasure tv shows that I am not ashamed to share. The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  1. Faking It
    Binge watched it in a day and now I can't wait to see what's new in the love-triangle-plus-one that is Amy/Karma/Liam/Shane. Addictive.
  2. The Royals
    Came for Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Stayed for Liz Hurley playing the role of Liz Hurley pretending to be the queen and for all the drama
  3. Girl Meets World
    It has Cory and Topanga in it. Nuff said.
  4. Scream
    I started watching it because I thought it would be lame and hilarious and I could yell things like "DON'T GO INTO THE DARK ALLEY ALONE YOU POTATO!" Which it was and I did. But next minute there I was watching the season finale.
  5. The Vampire Diaries
    This show started when I was 16 and no matter what weird ridiculous shit they do (silas, the travellers, professor Shane - oh look at that, all in season 5) I can't seem to stop watching and forgive me for getting realz here but I don't plan to. Who wouldn't watch this when there are hot guys who were basically chiseled by Michelangelo himself!
  6. The Fosters
    Yeah the acting is not A+ but who could resist this juicy drama about a foster-come-forever-home with 5 teenagers and two mums. Also Jude's coming out story is so quietly understated and important that everyone should be watching.