Requested by @Hilary
In collaboration with @Hilary
  1. Wore new pants with the tags still on in order to have the option to return them
  2. Bought Diet Coke at the office (versus at a food vendor) to save approximately $0.60
  3. Asked the Four Questions
  4. Got drunk on Purim
  5. Had a father who attended Brooklyn College
  6. Taught goyim Yiddish expressions and words
  7. Grew up outside of Washington, DC
  8. Grew up in New Jersey
  9. Had a Bat Mitzvah theme in the entertainment / media field
  10. Used recycled centerpieces for said Bat Mitzvah
  11. Overserved guests snacks and beverages
  12. Had a boyfriend who lived in Murray Hill
  13. Lived in Normandie Court
  14. "I think I'm gonna get Keratin this weekend"
  15. Planned social life around chemical hair processes
  16. Created this list on an app heavily used and originally conceived by a Jew