These are all prior to the age of 18
  1. Cinderella BEFORE the fairy godmother's arrival
    I had to wear it to a princess themed birthday party and was not amused.
  2. Pirate Zombie Doctor
    I was ten and couldn't decide so I wore a doctor costume, zombie makeup, and a pirate hat.
  3. A tap dancer on the Fourth of July
    I don't even know if just happened...
  4. A bad mood
    I wore all black, gelled my hair, painted mascara as if I had been crying and made giant felt lightning bolts to wear like a sandwich board sign.
  5. Jailbait
    My mother suggested this outfit when I was 14 and I LOVED it. I wore a black and white striped tank top, a black pleated mini skirt, black and white striped tights, and handcuffs. I wore this to school.
  6. Juno
    My father told me I looked skinny in this costume!