These do not necessarily always adhere to Dante's escalation of circles, mostly because I have yet to decide which would torment me the most. It's more akin to a sliding scale of hellfire.
  1. 9. Being stuck in a world without dogs of any kind, and being the only person who knows what they are.
  2. 8. Waking up in the 7th grade, with the knowledge that I am an adult, but I am unable to age and have to suffer through seventh grade every day for eternity.
  3. 7. Having to perform my Bat Mitzvah over and over again but there’s no party at the end of the service, just another service to follow.
  4. 6. Riding a B Line train with everyone I’ve ever dated, but the train is stuck between Kenmore and Copley indefinitely.
  5. 5. Eternal Corestaff summer planning my college's orientation in the back room of Student Life with everyone working in the office.
  6. 4. Waiting for a train in the NJT area of Penn Station in summer with only the overhead fans for air and every train is delayed or cancelled.
  7. 3. Driving through Connecticut along the Merritt Parkway where there are no rest stops.
  8. 2. Being trapped in a room with my weird aunt (the one who pinches) and having to listen to her compare me to her daughter while also calling me delicious.
  9. 1. Listening to a room full of Conservatives talk about the welfare state/women’s rights/minorities but every time I try to speak out I only end up voicing agreement.