1. Why do you feel the need to regulate my body and how I choose to treat it?
  2. Does my not allowing a collection of cells to develop further impact your life?
  3. Do you believe in contraception? Comprehensive sex education? Do you understand that both would prevent a number of unwanted pregnancies and, in turn, abortions?
  4. If this is a religious matter for you, why should you impose your religious beliefs on me? Do you know the definition of the separation of church and state?
  5. Do you know the difference between an implanted egg, developing cells, an embryo, a fetus, and a newborn infant?
  6. Do you support welfare programs? Paid maternity and paternity leave? Free pre-school?
  7. Why are you so hateful when I support your choice to carry to term just as much as another's choice to terminate?
  8. Do you support fixing the broken foster care system? Are you helping to place those half a million children? Do you know how expensive private adoption is?
  9. Who do you expect to foot the bill for the uninsured women forced to give birth where they've shut down Planned Parenthoods?
  10. Why?