A selection of sorts
  1. It's sad that in a country with so much wealth, so many social programs, so many opportunities to vote, so many good things people can still be so greedy, spiteful, and mean.
  2. It's sad that people will let Islamaphobia and xenophobia slide because they like a man's metaphorical balls to say "what he thinks"
  3. It's sad that a candidate for president can threaten to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, remove African Americans from his rallies, make sexist comments, bankrupt companies, be accused of rape, and still get votes.
  4. It's sad that a party, run mostly by men of privilege, time and again vote for policies that hurt minorities and yet they still obtain votes.
  5. It's sad that all the fire and power of the millennial demographic fails every election cycle to register to vote or to come out and vote.
  6. It's sad that people all over the world die for the chance to take part in representative democracy, flawed as it may be, and yet people use this power to further hate instead of tolerance.
  7. It's sad that I'm ashamed of people in this country and I am ashamed that facts and truth and emotions cannot convince them that they are in the wrong.
  8. Mostly, it's sad that history is going to look at us they way we look back negatively on all those previous generations of Americans.