1. Daydrinking
    You pass out at 3 and wake up at 8 with a nasty hangover that you can't sleep off because you just took a big afternoon nap. It ain't easy.
  2. Most spin-offs/remakes
    Recent example: Broadchurch and its American counterpart Gracepoint. I wanted to enjoy the US version, but didn't entirely for some reason. Although tbh I probably should've taken a breather before diving right into the re-make.
  3. Threesomes
    This just seems to be a universal truth.
  4. Ice cream in hot weather
    If it melts faster than you can eat it, why bother?
  5. Diversity
    The hypothetical "diversity" that college campuses and workplaces strive for often ends up as tokenism. Aim for racial equity not standalone diversity. I can really get into this, but leaving it here for now.
  6. Thanksgiving with family
    You know it.
  7. Transition lenses
    More bothersome than practical. More dorky than cool/futuristic.
  8. Christopher Nolan movies
    I'm gonna get flak for this, aren't I
  9. Peplum
    Even the mannequins can't make them work. I think the peplum has mostly died by now though.
  10. Moving in with your best friend
    There's a reason why all fresh-faced 20-something yr olds are warned against doing this.