1. Blue Bottle at Gotham West Market
    Like a smaller, less hectic Chelsea Market. If you don't like coffee (you monster!) they have tacos, ice cream, and Ivan ramen.
  2. Stumptown at Ace Hotel
    Ideal place to grab a cortado and catch up with a friend in the dim-lit hotel lobby.
  3. La Colombe soho
    80% of all latte photos on instagram are taken here
  4. Cafe Grumpy Chelsea
    Cute outdoor seating in the back. No laptops allowed but it's for the better. Cortados are good. Can you tell I like cortados?
  5. Whynot coffee West Village
    They have foodfood if you need more than a coffee and croissant. Seating upstairs and downstairs. Admire the enormous wooden door on your way in.
  6. Jacks Coffee
    Suggested by @Lilysaltz