Because @dev asks the right questions: fux = I feel this/am down with this i.e. "I fux with sriracha I love spicy food" or "Everyone on listapp is chill, I fux with them!"
  1. Person who realized we just rolled our eyes at the same thing, at the same time
    This obnoxious singing duo is the last thing we need on our commute, but knowing the struggle is shared makes it all a bit easier 👯
  2. Tall gentleman reading White Teeth
    Halfway thru the book and he can't take his eyes off the page. Swoon. 💖
  3. Grace Coddington
    I think she lives in Chelsea bc I see her waiting on the platform every morning when I step off the E. I don't know if I fux with Anna, but I certainly fux w Grace.
  4. Anyone who offers their seat
    When an old man and his cane enter the subway and half the car leaps up to their feet, that's love.
  5. Mindful tourists
    The quietly thrilled ones who think better not to fold out their maps and wildly point at everything. I love these guys. If they ask me how to get to Houston, I will gladly point them in the right way, even if they mispronounce it as if we're in Texas.
  6. Stay at home parent taking the kid (plus the massive stroller) somewhere to do something fun
    They often look tired but determined and this makes me admire them.
  7. Old couples
    They don't care if there's a delay or if they're going to be late - truly content with themselves and with each other in a way you can only be with age.
  8. Fat corgi that crawled out of its owner's bag
    And splayed its stubby legs out on the floor 🐶
  9. Who do you fux with?
  10. Anyone else who smiles at me when I give my seat up that isn't the person I gave it to
    Like if I give you my seat, I don't expect anything in return. Not even a thanks. But if someone else not involved in the transaction sees it and gives me the smile and nod, I prob def get down with them.
    Suggested by @doesntmattr