1. @mianguyen yay so glad you found Face Shop products! Not sure where you are located but NYC has a physical store too.
  2. That you found them at Urban Outfitters is REALLY interesting to me.
  3. I've noticed Korean skincare is becoming trendy. ITG, which is pretty ahead of the curb, starting posting about it last year.
  4. When I got this email from Sephora a few weeks ago I knew it was becoming a thing.
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  5. That Seoul pun is pretty bad. Also whereas the ITG posts were thoughtfully written, the rhetoric here teeters on the edge of straight-up orientalism.
  6. I'm glad to see people embracing the stuff because it's actually really good. People mistake my mother to be up to twenty years younger than her actual age.
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    Proof: this photo of my parents from a few months ago. They're both in their mid-50s. Don't tell my mom I told you tho.
  7. But given our country's history with cultural appreciation turning to appropriation or exoticism, I remain wary.
  8. Just yesterday someone I know was trying to pick a restaurant to go with her boyfriend.
  9. She wanted to try out this hip Korean restaurant in Flatiron (note: NOT an obscure spot in ktown with a mostly Korean crowd).
  10. "I don't know though. He's kind of picky. He doesn't really like to try..."
  11. I knew where this was going.
  12. "Weird stuff?" I asked pointedly, saying it for her.
  13. She missed my tone entirely though.
  14. "Yeah exactly! You know he likes stuff like American and Italian food."
  15. What! This particular restaurant is known for their bibimbap which is literally rice, vegetables, and a fried egg in a bowl. How weird!!!
  16. Trust me when I say that this girl and her picky eater boyfriend would consider squid ink pasta adventurous. Not weird.
  17. She is not a bad person. I like her (otherwise) so I shrugged and let my rage simmer on the inside.
  18. All this to say that I foresee myself at some terrible dinner party a few months from now, trapped in a convo with someone who has just caught onto the Korean skincare trend.
  19. They will tell me how great it is as if I wasn't aware all along (I half-jokingly call this type of thing modern colonialism). They will ask me about other asian things because my face must indicate to them that I am an expert in these things.
  20. This is nothing new and certainly not exclusive to Korean culture. In fact, we have it pretty mild. The robbing of black culture in America is a whole other long ongoing list.
  21. Oops @mianguyen I know you were just letting me know about some cool pore strips you got but this spiraled into a messy stream of thought. You get it though, right?
  22. This is what happens when you wake up early on a Saturday, your brain filled with too many thoughts.
  23. Let me know if those strips are any good though. I'm kinda over these Biore ones.