Go home, go back to bed. You can try again tomorrow.
  1. The world outside your blanket is too cold. Blanket burrito forever.
  2. Bathroom floor's too cold because you left the window open and who the fuck expected it to dip to low 50s in June??
  3. Used too much conditioner and hair still feels unwashed and slick.
  4. Washed your face but it still feels unclean. Nothing like the neutrogena commercials. Your face is never without a stubborn smudge of eyeliner.
  5. Accidentally poured too much milk in your coffee and now it's just milk with a bit of coffee.
  6. Clumsy fingers deleted this list halfway through.
  7. Brushed your teeth too hard and accidentally made yourself vom a little. Then an unwanted flashback to that weird time in high school when you deliberately did this to yourself.
  8. Messed up your cat eye and tried to fix it with your huge fingers but then you got liquid liner all over your hands and now it's all over your face.
  9. Wore the wrong shoes for what will def be a rainy day i.e. flats and any cute "sneaker" that's not really a sneaker and disintegrates upon touching water.
  10. That person you were anticipating a text from still hasn't.