1. American Apparel
    Disco pants are my fav.
  2. The occasional cigarette
    I'm one of those annoying people who say they don't smoke, but will have one to cap off a night of drinking, or when the cute guy outside the bar offers one. That's one nice thing about cigarettes, you often have random pleasant chats with strangers!
  3. Green eyeliner
    It shames me to say I love it just as much as I did in middle school. Except I know how to make it look not so tacky and have some restraint now.
  4. Gossip Girl
    I only started watching recently. But knowing where everyone's careers have ended up and revisiting the fashion obsessions of the late 2000s makes watching in retrospect so enjoyable.
  5. AllSaints
    Why am I so willing to spend so much on simple black drapey clothes??
  6. Sleeping in
    Turning off the alarm the night before, sleeping in, and then rolling around for another hour or so feels so unproductive and wrong, but so good.
  7. Stealing stories
    I'll take a friend's crazy anecdote or a really compelling human interest story and use them as the foundation for certain characters/premises. I usually end up writing a very different story, but feel a bit guilty for stealing that initial spark of inspiration.