Easily my fav and one of the best music acts
  1. When picking your band name, choose the plural form of any noun. It helps to pick a name that evokes pleasant thoughts.
    Ex: Dixie Cups, Angels, Crystals, etc. You can also add "ettes" to anything i.e. Ronettes, Marvelettes, Bobbettes
  2. 3 girls in the group, 4 tops. Helps to all be from the same Americana hometown. Make sure to have coordinating outfits, hair, and impeccable cat eye makeup.
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  3. Designate one girl as the absolute stand out and lead when it comes to solos, stage placement, prettier costume, size of beehive, etc. People love girl drama.
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    Remember, before Beyonce there was Diana.
  4. DO work with one of the best songwriters/producers.
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    "This guy." - The Ronettes
  5. DON'T get involved with him romantically because he's actually a really disturbed psychopath. Poor Ronnie.
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  6. For every five cloyingly sweet songs about love, throw in a really sad one about heartbreak, death, etc.
    I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine, Never Again, or I Can Never Go Home Anymore, which is SO sad.
  7. At least do one ridiculously campy song because those are always fun.
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    Like Leader of the Pack, which technically should be sad since he dies but it's so silly with the motorcycle sounds and the dramatic talk-singing. I love it.
  8. Even if you don't become huge, have a super catchy one hit wonder before disappearing into oblivion.
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    What happened to the Poni-Tails after Born Too Late?? They were so sweet
  9. Be prepared for your male counterparts to release what is clearly a lesser version of your song.
    Don't Worry Baby does NOT surpass Be My Baby.
  10. Nonetheless, pave the way for lots of future female artists.
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    Shangri Las could've easily been a riotgrrl band, they were so tough and sassy. This photo is kind of unrelated, I just want you all to appreciate Mary Weiss's hair here.
  11. Please add to this list.