I'm a little under halfway through and am completely endeared by this show.
  1. Jane has the best sundresses.
  2. Love how self-aware this show is re: ridiculous nature of telenovelas.
  3. They've figured out how to insert emoji/texting graphics without being too jarring.
  4. I love the earnestness that Gina Rodriguez brings to her character.
  5. I bet Petra's mother is secretly Sin Rastro. Half her face is scarred and not explained. Also I suspect she can actually walk. That's a classic soap opera twist waiting to happen.
  6. What is Petra's accent?
  7. Love the bright blues in the hotel set design.
  8. Immigrant reformation. Yes. This isn't brought up much on television in general. Jane's grandmother's narrative doesn't come off as preachy or self-righteous either. The show presents it more as "look, this is someone's reality and experience."
  9. Representation. Is. So. Important. Jane's abuela only speaking Spanish is so significant.
  10. The women on this show are SO much more interesting than the men. Same with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I am into this trend.
  11. Luisa = latina Helen Hunt.
  12. Is that Juanes?! Omg it is Juanes.
  13. Rogelio should be a Crest spokesperson.
  14. Everyone is so honest on this show. No one can keep a secret for about 30 seconds. The Catholic guilt is trill.
  15. I rewatched Gina Rodriguez's Emmy thank you speech and cried. It's so good.
  16. I want to write something that does what this one does with telenovelas but with an asian-american centric narrative and k-dramas. Korean dramas are another level of crazy, you don't even know.