These are all located within 1.5 blocks
  1. Cafe - Grace Street
    Quiet cafe ideal for getting work done or catching up with a friend. Get the hodduk with ice cream.
  2. KBBQ - Kang Ho Dong Baekjong
    Haven't tried this location yet but the one in Flushing is great.
  3. Fried Chicken - Turntable MFC
    This place is hidden in an office building. Walk past the elevator, and take the stairs.
  4. Karaoke - GaGoPa
    This place is BYOB - what more could you want?
  5. Soju (and food) - Pocha 32
    I love the decor here - messy xmas lights and soju caps caught in green netting. Also, watermelon soju. Do it.
  6. Wine Bar - Est 1986
    Quiet wine bar tucked away in Stanford Hotel.
  7. Skincare - Random unmarked shop ???
    As you may already know, Korean ladies are obsessed with skincare. I don't exactly know where this is located but it's a mini-shop inside of a Korean bookstore. They carry some stuff that is avail only in Seoul. I should make a list of the products I use.
  8. Skip: Woorijip, Kunjip, BCD Tofu
    These places aren't bad per se, but nothing remarkable. The other spots just have better food.