1. Broke up with Bank of America.
    Finally. I dragged this one along for too long.
  2. Tried a bunch of new hair/facial products.
    Nexxus Color Assure, Garnier cleansing oil, and Origins charcoal mask are all 👌
  3. Caught up on personal emails.
  4. Organized my closets and drawers.
    I just joined the Marie Kondo cult. So ready to tidy up my life.
  5. Laundry.
  6. Stood still for a second in between running errands, breathed in, and just enjoyed being outside in the sun.
  7. Finished reading the long article I started days ago.
    The one about Somali pirates in the NYer last week. Actually v compelling, but my reading always gets broken up by my subway commute.