My friend and I are looking for 2 BRs in UWS for Aug or Sept move in so if you have any leads pls hook me up!
  1. Charming
    It's tiny.
  2. Cozy
    Again, tiny.
  3. High-ceilinged
    High ceilings yes, but can I stretch my arms out wide without touching both walls?
  4. Spacious
    This is a lie and the wide lens photos are all lies.
  5. Stunning!!
    It's aight.
  6. Sun-drenched
    If the window isn't blocked by the facade of another building then you should probably go for it.
  7. Exposed brick
    Why is this always a thing to boast about?
  8. Chef's kitchen
    This is just a normal kitchen, relax.
  9. Lots of families, safe neighborhood
    There are families. They are white. Gentrification.
  10. Will not last!!
    This one is true. It probably won't. This is New York.
  11. Wow!!!
    Added for emphasis. Has the opposite effect.