I'd love to see someone get hammered and talk about these people on the show. Double tap the title to make your own list.
  1. Anna May Wong
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    A starlet ahead of her time i.e. an asian trying to pursue acting in the early 1900s. Bffs w Marlene Dietrich, there are rumors that they hooked up. Roles were limited to stereotypes like the dragon lady. MGM had the NERVE to cast a white actress in the Chinese lead role in The Good Earth. Anna's like fuck this noise and eatprayloves off to Europe & China. She comes back, but not to the big screen. The same year she dies Mickey Rooney dons yellowface in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  2. Alice Guy-Blaché
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    Arguably the first female director. In early 1900s France she started working for León Gaumont, ends up head of production and is so good at her job that he sends her to the US where she sets up a studio with her husband (who she later divorced!) in Flushing. That goes well so she expands and runs Solax, her own studio, in Fort Lee NJ - my hometown and also (oddly) home to the first motion picture industry. Sadly she has been largely forgotten.
  3. More Teddy Roosevelt
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    This guy. He got shot in the chest right before speaking but delivered the speech regardless, bloodied papers and all. I think he spoke for over an hour. Really makes William Henry Harrison look bad. Roosevelt didn't bother removing the bullet and it remained in his chest until he died.
  4. JFK & Nixon televised debate
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    The first televised presidential debate, one that many credit for solidifying JFK's win. He was tan (actually a side effect of Addison's disease), handsome, and camera-ready whereas Nixon was pale, sweaty, and nervous. Interestingly enough Americans watching on TV deemed Kennedy the winner of the debate while those listening via radio deemed Nixon the winner. This was a huge game changer -- imagine if polio-stricken FDR or post-stroke Wilson had to face all this visibility!
  5. Yuri Kochiyama
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    Born in Berkeley, but grew up in Japanese internment camps in Arkansas after Pearl Harbor. There she met her husband and they spent the rest of their lives dedicated to human rights activism - everything from political prisoners' rights, workers' wages, civil rights, Vietnam War protests. When Malcolm X was assassinated and shots were fired, people ran off into every direction, but Yuri remained with him as he died in her arms.
  6. I'm sure there's more but this is all my brain can wring out right now.