Currently at Blossom Ball with @mek722 & I am both educating myself and picking up the most ridiculous soundbites.
  1. "You look gorgeous, like a Russian czar...a czarina!"
  2. "I ran into my old urologist the other day. His son is a bisexual now."
  3. "This is the baby lamb."
    One of the hor d'oeuvres. Yes, I ate it. But it was delicious. I'm sorry.
  4. "Century21 is like three blocks away."
    Said to a frazzled girl dressed more business than black tie.
  5. "Hey I'm Lindsay." "I'm Harry's son." " Oh, Harry's son!" "Yeah, Harry's son."
    Turns out Harry was one of the honorees. His son can't catch a break, it seems.
  6. "Oh yeah I know Anthony. Good guy, good guy that Anthony."
    He definitely did not know Anthony.
  7. "Hi, my name's Serge."
    Serge is sitting at our table. And of course his name is Serge. He's a salt-and-peppered fifty-something year old, smelling of musk, wearing an all black tux.
  8. "Oh, they did this last year."
    There was a cool live percussion group that led us to the main hall for dinner. I was impressed, others not so much.
  9. But actually go here for more info on endometriosis and how you can help the foundation