But did not follow through on for various reasons
  1. Industrial
    To me this is the ultimate Cool Girl piercing. I still think about it sometimes, and then I'll come across a gross infection three pages into google image and change my mind.
  2. Nose
    Did you know you pierce the same side as your hair part? Briefly considered it in college until I realized that every other girl was getting one. Also how annoying does it get when you get a cold/stuffy nose?
  3. Eyebrow
    Very few people can pull this off because you need the perfect face AND eyebrows. Seeing them will make you think you could can do it too, but in reality you will look like you have a weird eyebrow or a strange pen mark on your face.
  4. Cartilage
    Whenever I'm bored I think of getting this and probably will on a slow Friday night. Seems low-risk with just enough edge.
  5. And you?