This year's theme is China: Through the Looking Glass
  1. Is this yellowface?
  2. Would a long braid be too spot on?
  3. Would a Mandarin collar be too spot on?
  4. Are there enough asians at this event that are not wealthy Chinese businessmen to justify this theme?
  5. Will this outfit get the proper approval/funding from said businessmen for my studio/movie?
  6. Is this really a kimono?
  7. Is this really a hanbok?
  8. Is red too predictable of a color?
  9. Are embellished dragons on anything allowed?
  10. Is this bb paper parasol offensive?
  11. Would Katy Perry wear this in concert?
    If so then yes, it's probably yellowface.
  12. Is Lupita going? She probably has it all figured out.
  13. Is Jezebel going to rip me to pieces?
    They can be unnecessarily ruthless so most likely, yeah.
  14. Is it too late to back out?
  15. Is Anna fucking with us?
  16. Is this a recipe for disaster?