1. Yesterday started off with meeting friends at Brooklyn Museum to see the Kehinde Wiley exhibit. It is, in short, amazing.
  2. His paintings of contemporary black men and women in traditional European portrait settings highlight the stark absence of the black narrative.
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    Political meanings aside the works are stunning in their grand size and vibrant colors. Here's his Napoleon. The exhibit runs until May 24.
  3. We make our way over to Basquiat's notebooks.
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    According to @melissabzz Jay Z dressed up as him for Halloween, but people thought he was being The Weeknd. This is equal parts hilarious and sad.
  4. There are also videos of Basquiat spray painting graffiti and talking about his work.
    He's so young and was so young. My heart aches.
  5. The next few hours are spent people watching at the botanical gardens.
    There are lots of families but somehow not a single crying baby. Spring is really here and everyone is relieved.
  6. Eventually we make our way over to BookCourt, where I run into a girl I knew from college.
    Lots of people from my liberal arts school relocated to the area. Whenever I make the rare venture out to bk, I often run into someone and it feels like we're on campus again.
  7. Our general approach to not plan out the day has been going well so we continue walking around until we get to Hibino.
    The sushi is fresh and the prosecco strong. Our waitress wears a Basquiat shirt with the ubiquitous crown.
  8. The day stretches itself out and turns to evening. Proud homeowners of bk heights have turned on their lights and kept the curtains open.
    We gawk at the high ceilinged chandeliered homes and pick our favorite ones. I imagine Jean-Michel as a boy walking to school. Our current lives feel small.
  9. Later I crawl into bed and google "Jay Z Basquiat Halloween." It's a good costume.
    Naturally Buzzfeed has compiled tweets of people thinking he was being The Weeknd. These tweens must also think Glee covers are original songs. Oy.
  10. I add Basquiat to my Netflix queue. I wonder what he'd think of Jay Z, Kehinde Wiley, and art and nyc today before being lulled to sleep by the whirring of my laptop.