Thanks for the request @mianguyen ! Pairs nicely with the sounds list. Oddly, writing this one was more difficult - hope it doesn't disappoint 😁
  1. City musk emanating as heat rises, wrapping itself around your limbs, neck, and face the moment you step out of the office.
  2. That mix of butter, salt, and cooked kernels so universally pleasant to the nose, lingering outside the Chelsea movie theater.
  3. Then the exhaust from buses taxis and cars making their way back and forth, to and from. Not ideal, but you don't hate it either.
  4. Strong scents of wandering vagabonds, unmistakably human, hitting you as you go down the subway steps and wait patiently for the C.
  5. AC in the subway car. Temporary relief, a boxed up non-scent fresher than the city's summer air.
  6. Later, when you finally get home and collapse onto the bed, the rewarding final scent of the day - the clean new sheets rumpled beneath you.