Remember bringing your favorite book/toy to show & tell in second grade? It was the best. Why did we stop?
  1. Rebecca Minkoff goodies
    RM is in the same building where I work. They were having a small sale in their showroom today. Spent only $25 each on the crossbody bag and the sandals 😁
  2. Vitamin D Supreme
    I'm deficient in Vitamin D! I take one of these every day! Some days I forget!
    Suggested by   @tothemaxxx
  3. Crazy cactus bloom outside my apartment, it's so strange!
    I have been watching this weird stumpy nubbin grow for 2 weeks and then yesterday like magic it opened and I was like HOLY SHIT!! it looks like a weird alien with those little fingers 👽 NATURE GUYS 🌵
    Suggested by   @lindsinger
  4. This was a mouse we found at Hollywood Center Studios on our stage. He looked like a cartoon and I wish I could have kept him. I would have named him Dr. Mouse.
    Suggested by   @hollis
  5. Something @alien wanted me to buy for a snack at the Asian market.
    Suggested by   @EricElkins
  6. Flower vases we made out of whiskey bottles!
    Suggested by   @sashabronner
  7. Dude holding baby kitten in his mouth in Key West FL
    He was very casual, talking with kitten dangling like it was no big deal
    Suggested by   @fats
  8. I have an apple watch. Does that count for anything?
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  9. I recently completed my collection of the original Charlie's Angels dolls!
    Suggested by   @SGGinNYC