I'm currently sitting out on my parents' deck on what is probably the nicest day out, and these are the sounds I'm hearing.
  1. The omnipresent noise of airplanes crossing the sky, a distant train making its way somewhere.
  2. Faint traces of whatever traffic is happening on the GWB.
  3. The humming of a neighbor's AC unit.
  4. My phone dinging with a text from a friend.
  5. A basketball hitting the asphalt as a kid down the street learns to dribble.
  6. The clanking of toys as the three little boys next door play in the yard.
  7. The youngest of the boys babbling baby nonsense, crying occasionally and very loudly.
  8. My parents indoors, laughing at something. Dad's laugh, heartier and louder than Mom's.
  9. The inevitable chirping of birds.
  10. The breeze brushing leaves against each other and then the stillness when they are not.