I found the laptop I used during college. Despite cringing at reading old work, I went through the saved stories and everything else I've written recently. It's crazy how much your writing can change within a year and then stay the same for the next five and so on. More than a handful of the below are terribly cliché btw and I'm still cringing 🙈
  1. Identity crisis
  2. New Jersey
  3. Queens
  4. Difficult conversations during car rides
    So much tension, and the characters can't simply leave the room. An obvious choice, but freshman year Rachel thought this was genius.
  5. Insightful reflection mid-flight or during subway commute
    Wow sooo original and nuanced, Rachel.
  6. Koreanness vs Americanness
    I definitely list and write about this too much, but it's what I know best.
  7. FOBs and American-borns
  8. Protagonist picking their American name; ditching their given ethnic name
  9. Codeswitching
  10. Failing relationships
  11. Interracial couples
  12. Bodegas and bodega cats
  13. Immigrant guilt
  14. Religious guilt. Lots of it.