1. Summer in NYC
    The heat wraps itself around your limbs, neck, and face. The stench of garbage lingers at the end of each block. Then, a drop of cold wet relief on your head, followed by horror as you realize where it came from - the AC unit that ominously hangs above.
  2. Babies
    Adorable extension of your kin? Yes. Sticky shit and vomit machines? Also yes.
  3. Anything birthday cake flavor
    If it's not actual birthday cake, it's gonna be gross.
  4. Syphilis
    Kinda phonetically pleasant in a way that the name of Greek goddess or siren would be, right? But also very gross.
  5. Turkish baths/spa day
    Furiously sweat and shed a bunch of dead skin and god knows what else in a public space among others? Ack, no thank you.
  6. Networking
    Seems practical and pleasant to meet similarly-minded peeps over drinks. But you're not being social: you're gauging how to best use them to benefit yourself and get ahead. Makes me feel icky.
  7. Waterboarding
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  8. Turkey Legs
    They look all hearty and delicious, but then you can only eat so much before you start to feel sick, and there's skin stuck between your teeth and your fingers smell.
    Suggested by @EricElkins