Listpired by @Goldie and @Z
  1. I was conscious, sober, wide awake.
    My dentist laughed when I asked about going under. He said it was unnecessary. I felt embarrassed and weak for bringing it up.
  2. He went with local anesthesia on my gums though.
    Wasn't THAT much of a sadist.
  3. After a pinch that left me with zero feeling in the bottom half of my face I thought, this isn't so bad and I won't be groggy after.
  4. That is until I felt some pressure and then heard a loud CRACK.
    Shitshitshit what are they doing to my face.
  5. The wisdom teeth needed to be impacted and broken to be removed. I could hear all the shattered pieces moving around.
    I honestly thought they broke my jaw at one point since I could only hear but not feel what was going on.
  6. I might have cried?
    The nurse, bless her heart, wiped a single tear from my eye, which I will say resulted from squinting at the bright lights, but I was scared too.
  7. That I was having this weird out of body experience, but not drugged up made it all the more disturbing.
  8. And there was also the fact that my mouth was stretched wide open, but I couldn't really scream.
  9. Overall it went quick and I guess I didn't need to be knocked out, but there's a damn good reason why one might not want to be awake for the experience.
  10. Also, I didn't get any fun painkillers.
    "You don't need them," my dentist said as he shooed me off.