Angry Korean girl rants on the things heard not constantly, but consistently. Not many azns on listapp (yet!) but here goes:
  1. "Do you speak English?" before asking me for directions.
    This assumption just hurts. I was going about my day, but with those four words you have made me the other, the one who doesn't belong, though you are the lost tourist in my city. And despite not wanting to help you ignorant idiots in any way, I will always end up giving the most clear, helpful directions to really get across the fact that I fucking speak English!!
  2. "Don't asians have straight hair?"
    I have naturally curly hair, which goes against perceived notions, which throws people off (it even upsets some). Asia is a huge continent, made up of many different countries, made up of many different kinds of people. You're the weirdo to think only one hair type could exist among that many.
  3. "Sooo, North or South?"
    I'm not giving TED talks nor have I penned a best-seller that details memories of labor camps and a life-changing escape. Take a wild fucking guess. Also annoying is the cavalier manner with which this question is asked
  4. "K-Pop is soo cutesy and weird, I love it!"
    K-pop IS catchy and the crazy outfits and music videos ARE fun. It's ok to like it. It's really ok! I don't understand the lyrics either, but I like some of it too! Just don't condescend to it to justify how much you like it.
  5. "I'm obsessed with Korean food. I love pork belly..."
    My problem with this is the tone. It's jarring to have someone describe to you parts of your own culture as if you don't know or own it.
  6. "...but I can't eat kimchi. It's like rotten cabbage, right?"
    Um, wine is rotten grapes and I don't see you getting weirded out by that. Don't claim to "loove" Korean food if kimchi weirds ya out. If you wanna ride with us, you gotta ride all the way. 🇰🇷✌️