I'm going to Miami to visit my pal Sarah and we wanna manage some mischief !!!
  1. go bra-less at least 1 day and that doesn't include a day wearing only my swimsuit
  2. wear heals to the club and try not to complain because Sarah said I have to or I won't get in
  3. get drunk enough at the club to not feel the heels (prob gonna wear gargantuan wedges tbh - still painful)
  4. try to be vegan like Sarah for at least 5 minutes
  5. blow most of my money on alc but save enough to go to Harry Potter World and get a souvenir
  6. go makeup-less for most of the trip and try not to be fazed by ridiculously hot Miamians
  7. make a baller playlist for everything Sarah and I do!! examples: going to the beach, going to the club, eating vegan tacos, me complaining about the heat, mini orlando road trip on Easter, etc.
  8. get a Chaco tan!!! (prob gonna be a burn)
  9. start drama with Sarah's friends!! (she wants me to)
  10. get frisky with a native if it feels right
  11. wear so much sunscreen
  12. be the hottest pale girl in the entire 305
  13. and best for last, start so much drama in the club that someone gets banned for life (hopefully me)