1. Make some money and use that money to drive around America with @courtney2 and @nikkighey.
    We have been planning this for years and it's finally time for it to happen!!!! I am most excited for the big California trees and the Grand Canyon.
  2. Enjoy everyday.
    Even if all I did that day was lay around and do nothing. As long as that's what I want to do with it, then I'm happy.
  3. Officially move out of my childhood home.
    I've been living away at college for the past 4 and a half years and I can feel that living here again is making me resent it. The last thing I want to do is resent my childhood home.
  4. Find a new rugby team and kick ass.
    I played all throughout college and now I'm sad because the "town" teams around here are underdeveloped and unorganized.
  5. Read more than I did last year.
    Last year was definitely a funky year. Everybody who knows me knows I am an avid read and that weird, funky year messed up my reading habits, which I do not appreciate.
  6. Enjoy and learn during my first experience at sleepaway camp!
    I've worked at summer camps for 6 summers, but I have never worked at a sleepaway camp. I'm working at an all-girls camp with my sister (@courtney2) this summer and I am PUMPED.
  7. Get rid of most of my stuff.
    Over the past year, I've gotten rid of a lot of my stuff, but once I move, I really only want to have the essentials (and all of my books, obviously).
  8. Adopt a cat!
    @nikkighey and I adopted a beautiful little orange kitty named Rashida Jones (Radish, for short) while we lived together, but because of a mistake the previous kitty-parents made, she died when she was young. I need my own kitty again. Here's a picture of the Radish to grow your heart 3 sizes.
  9. Sweat a lot.
    This sounds weird, but if I'm sweating a lot, that means I'm outside or moving around a lot and that is when I'm happiest! Bonus points if I'm sweating with friends. lol.
  10. Meet some ladies 😏😏😏😏
    Just kidding (no I'm not).