Inspired by @lesbian . Playing the violin since 3rd grade got me to meet some interesting people.
  1. Jackie
    Jackie has been one of my best friends since 1st grade, but having her as a stand partner was terrifying because I was so quiet and serious and she hated the violin and yelled a lot. (Bonus: we're both gay and loud now)
  2. Danielle
    Danielle was a 6th grader when I was a 5th grader and she was so popular that it was scary to even sit next to her.
  3. Frank
    Frank was my stand partner multiple times in middle/high school and was the most talented boy I ever met. (Bonus: he's a badass fashion designer now and told me I was a great violinist)
  4. Stephanie
    One time Stephanie and I both got In-School-Suspension for the day when we wore shorts to school and she asked one of our full-grown security guards if her shorts gave him a boner and yelled about how ridiculous the situation was. Stephanie also rocked at violin, but I love remembering spending that day with her.
  5. Anna
    Anna was a beautiful violinist and invited me to her grad party when I was only a 10th grader. I thought I was the shit for it.
  6. Jimmy
    Jimmy is a beautiful hockey player who didn't really like the violin, but ended being one of my really good friends throughout high school.
  7. Chris G
    Chris G was my stand partner during my first summer at music camp!! I was terrified of being away from home for 2 weeks and having his cutie pie self as my stand partner made me so happy. (He came back to camp the next year to play the viola, so I obviously felt very betrayed.)
  8. Emilie
    My stand partner during my second year at music camp. She lived down the hall from me and was super cute, but we had nothing in common.
  9. Allison
    Once again, I was placed next to the most popular girl in school. Since I was not popular at all, she felt comfortable telling me all of the secrets of other popular kids. It was fucking glorious.
  10. Chris
    Chris was a year older than me and I sat with him in 11th grade. During down time in orchestra, he would rap or beat box for me and tell me about beautiful girls he liked. Chris was great.
  11. Lauren
    I loved Lauren and we shared first chair our senior year of high school.
  12. Honestly, I remember none of the people I shared a stand with in college. Whoops.