1. I was following my sister while we were at the bar. She climbed on a long bench and then stepped onto a chair.
  2. I thought the bench continued because it was so long!! I didn't look where I was going and assumed it continued along the wall.
  4. The bench did not continue.
  5. I stepped into midair and fell on the ground. On my ass.
  6. And dropped my pitcher of beer on my own head.
  7. Here I am during the aftermath. On the bright side, Courtney told me it gave me "beach waves," so thank you pitcher of beer in my hair.
  8. Here are Courtney and I being too cool for school (literally bc neither of us go to school there anymore).
  9. This has been sad drunk adventures by the Kril sisters.
  10. P.S. I still haven't showered.