Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. I am 11 years old!
  2. I start 7th grade, which was my first year of junior high.
  3. I make my first non-elementary school best friend.
    Her name is Liz and we were best friends until our senior year of high school.
  4. I curse for the first time in gym class when Liz matter-of-factly says I am too old to never have cursed.
    I said "fuck" and laughed for 10 minutes about it afterward.
  5. I only wear two pairs of jeans and like four different shirts. Sneaker of choice are Etnies (black and hot pink, obviously) and I have a wrist sweat band that perfectly matches them.
    Everything else made me self-conscious.
  6. Start to get acne!!! Woohoo!
    It never truly bothered me, which I am thankful for bc that shit was intense and could have fucked me up.
  7. I make real guy friends for the first time.
    I was extremely shy and this was a big step.
  8. I'm in a different school than my sister for the first time ever.
  9. I sneak candy into a movie theatre for the first time and almost shit myself.
  10. All I listen to is Simple Plan.
    One of the four shirts I wore had their faces emblazoned on the front. Little did I know, I would see them in concert the very next year.