1. Home
    Where I grew up. I have lived in the same house my entire life. My family hasn't always been super close, so I consider my room my home! Lots of books, mugs, notebooks, pictures of friends throughout middle and high school, and purple walls and carpet from when my parents let me pick it out when I was like 8. Enjoy this picture of me and @courtney2 circa 2009.
  2. Potsdam
    The first time I "lived" away from home was at music camp for 2 weeks for 2 summers in a row. I went the summer before my junior year and the summer before my senior year of high school. This was the first time I realized that somewhere other than where my parents were could truly feel like home. I was surrounded my beautiful, friendly, musical people who I still think about on a regular basis. I would relive these weeks at camp in a heartbeat.
  3. Oneonta
    First college I went to! A beautiful place with some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. This is where I truly left home for the first time, was surrounded my people I didn't know, and had to make my own decisions. This is where I met @nikkighey and joined rugby and learned that I liked ladies. This is where I felt like I was apart of something amazing in this world and where there wasn't a corner you could turn without seeing a beautiful sight or a friendly face. A favorite place.
  4. New Paltz
    The college that I transferred to with @nikkighey. Really hated this place and its pretentious people at first, but once we moved out of a shitty apartment and into a beautiful, inviting one and joined the rugby team, things turned around. I made a bunch of really great friends (@IreneC) and got a lot better at rugby and worked hard in my classes and forced this place to become my home. I really love it a lot.
  5. Home again
    Once I moved home from college in May, I was in denial that it was over. I pretended to be on summer break and then once Student Teaching started in the fall, I drove to New Paltz everyday for rugby, anyway. Now, my mom and dad live in different houses and Courtney and I are leaving soon and I refuse to get a full-time job here because I will not root myself to this place and stop myself from leaving. Idk I'm figuring it out, okay??? This was good I liked making this list.