Requested by @biz
  1. Whenever Courtney says the word titties @courtney2
  2. When students talk about their own shit while the teacher/professor is talking
  3. Seeing someone else feel uncomfortable
  4. When parents of my old campers ask what I'm doing now and I have to make shit up
  5. When I am in close proximity to girls I like
  6. The first time college friends and home friends meet
  7. Being near two people who are arguing about personal matters
  8. Anything related to Donald Trump
    This also goes under my list, titled "Thing that make me angry"
  9. I'm going to end this list with something that makes me comfortable because I am internally cringing hard right now
  10. Being in the car with my friends and singing old punk songs and watching good movies with them and sitting in Dom's basement
  11. AND being in my old apartment/college town and being surrounded my people I am comfortable around (I'm looking at you @nikkighey and @IreneC)