1. Went to Happy Hour on Friday and hung out with Jim and Green. Did not fall off a bench this time.
  2. Had rugby choir practice on Saturday and it was great and everybody was excited and in a good mood(for once lol).
    Featuring me and @IreneC on the left.
  3. Saw these lovely people after choir practice!
  4. And then a beautiful girl brought me pizza and hugged me and I melted.
  5. Went to Jersey on Sunday for a St Patrick's day parade/day of drinking with @dimmadom
  6. What a guy.
  7. Left Jersey this morning and stopped at the beach because the sun was coming up as I drove past!! (I would have stopped no matter what, you caught me) I saw a group of 4 cutie girls just walking and laughing and goofing around and I could have cried. Instead, I took a picture of them.
  8. Now I'm home and apparently it's National Cheerios Day.