I realize I am very lucky to be able to sit in my house for a month after graduation without any real responsibility. Either way, I got a job, so I will be sadly reminiscing on my beautiful alone time.
  1. Watched movies collections with very questionable names.
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    STOP it with the "Girls' Night"
  2. Re-read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
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    Thank you Ann Brashares for guiding me through my teenage years
  3. Made a shit-ton of these bracelets
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  4. Listened to a lot of hot jams
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  5. Was forced to download tinder (and promptly deleted it)
    Which is basically calling your crush's house and hanging up as soon as they answer
  6. Got hired by a sleep away summer camp!
    I figure if I never got to experience outdoor summer camp as a child, I might as well do it now
  7. Decided to be pen pals with @IreneC