Yeah, it's been over a month. I miss it. Deal with it.
  1. While salt air and juice bars were on the horizon, we still had to drive through Utah.
    It was terrible.
  2. After driving approximately 16 hours, we arrived.
    First stop: Downtown Disney. We came, we saw. It was all a blur, but there was free parking. Worth it.
  3. Day 1: I love the ocean.
    While the hair did not love the ocean air, it took a lot to not stay on the beach all day.
  4. Day 2: BroAm.
    Concert on the beach... It really is as good as it sounds. Today was also my first California burrito. I've had dreams about how good that burrito was...
  5. Day 3: San Diego.
    I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't seen sunset cliffs in person.
  6. Day 4: Universal Studios. AKA Hogwarts. AKA Where dreams come true.
    Almost threw up on the ride, but the copious amounts of Butterbeer made everything ok.
  7. Day 4: cont.
  8. Goodbye California. I'll be back. Have a burrito ready upon my return.
  9. Special recognition: My cousin, Zach. Thanks for putting us up. You're the best, don't ever change.
    Picture circa 1999. Stylish.