A series of lists that (let's be honest) I'll probably forget about after week 2.
  1. I was literally in California a month ago. Is this a sick joke?
  2. Monday: Parking is a nightmare. Why are there so many people here?
    Can we just skip to the part of the semester where you all stop going to class, so I can park at a convenient location?
  3. Tuesday: I woke up late.
  4. Wednesday: The first "oh, you're a psych major? What are you going to do with that?"
    I'd like to add, this was from a Freshman. My response: YOU'RE A CHILD.
  5. Thursday: I woke up late. Again.
  6. Friday: The Freshman next to me asked when our final in December was scheduled for...
    My response: I don't even know what today is... I don't even know what class I'm in... Why is this happening...? YOU NEED TO CHILL.
  7. Friday night: Re-watching all 19 episodes of My So-Called Life.
    See ya next week... Maybe.