I didn't organized by relevance because every item is vital for me and I'm thankful that everybody is alive. I thank God everyday about these items.
  1. My Dog
    She's pretty cute and she's 5 years old.
  2. Simple Plan
    I'm really thankful that these guys are alive and keep playing and making what they do best.
  3. My parents
    We argue but we love each other
  4. My sister
    I can't describe
  5. My 5 senses
    I don't want to know I would I do if I couldn't see, hear...
  6. Padre Fábio de Melo
    Brazilian priest. He's one of the best person alive.
  7. My financial situation
    I'm not even close to be rich, but I can eat, live and sleep on a safe place, buy clothes, travel...
  8. My grandparents
    We're not close and we kind of have our problems but I like them
  9. My job
    otherwise I wouldn't have money to do things I like
  10. My health
    I don't have the perfect health, but I'm thankful I don't have any serious problems (not that I know)
  11. Being alive and safe
    So I don't see people that I love suffering because I'm not alive (???)
  12. Water
  13. My arms, legs, feet, hands...
    and all that comes with them.