Just my random thoughts
  1. I wish Pierre Bouvier could be my older brother
    He's handsome and everybody knows it but for me he has the most beautiful family in the world and I respect it. I really wanted him as my older brother because he has the best hug, he's comprehensive, caring and understanding...
  2. I wish @seblefebvre could be my best friend
    You know, to talk about some nerd stuff (somethings he would explain me and we would be able to discuss about it), to play old video games, make funny things together, to support each other, to listen to his songs before all the other people, to be mocked by him (I love when he does it at the Soundcheck or any other place we meet)...
  3. I wish I was a supermodel
    Not exactly a supermodel, but really pretty and slim
  4. What if I change my career?
    I love photography and music, so I could be the photographer of a cool rock band.
  5. Wait, I'm Brazilian... there're no supercool rock bands here
  6. Maybe in another life
  7. I could be a DJ
  8. I need to cut my hair
    or maybe not
  9. I'd like to be Canadian
  10. I wish I could play Ice Hockey
  11. I wish I had a boyfriend
    Canadian who plays Ice Hockey...