I've already been to 7 SP concerts since 2005.
  1. 2016 in Porto Alegre @ Bar Opinião
    Although David wasn't there, this one was f*cking crazy! So many things happened! The best show of my life.
  2. 2005 in São Paulo @ Estádio do Pacaembu
    Because it was their first time in Brazil and the first time I saw them. Since I became a fan, I've never imagined that I could watch them playing live! They played in a soccer stadium btw.
  3. 2011 in Quebec City @ Colisée Pepsi
    It was a dream to watch their concert in Canada. Also I could watch Marie-Mai singing Jet Lag with them and it was Chuck's birthday. I learned how to sing Happy Birthday in French because of that.
  4. 2012 in São Paulo @ Citibank Hall
    Because I realized a dream involving David (few people in the world could do that) and I took my best friend to the concert.
  5. 2016 in São Paulo @ Citibank Hall
    Because my sister and my mother were there for the 1st time. They always supported me as a SP fan.
  6. 2009 in São Paulo @ Citibank Hall
    It was good as always!
  7. 2007 in Rio de Janeiro
    I forgot the name of the venue but at that time I had a boyfriend and he was there with me. I didn't like this fact because he was jealous and he bothered me. Also, I almost passed out because it was very hot, the opening band was a sh*t and I had to watch the concert far away.