Not in the classroom, in the "backstage"
  1. Meetings
    Man, they're boring as hell!
  2. Presentations
    Why do we have to do that?
  3. People who drink my water
    I always take a bottle of water with me and people love to drink it. Bring your own bottle, please!
  4. When the food I ordered takes longer than the necessary to get ready
    And I have to eat it very fast to go back to work
  5. When I have to socialize but I'm not in the mood
    And people love to touch me and keep asking me things exactly in these days
  6. When somebody who is very sick sits next to me
    I can't get sick too, so stay away, please!
  7. When someone complains about everything
    C'mom! Stop being boring.
  8. When people talk loud
    I don't want to know what you did yesterday or stuff like that
  9. When we're working on the 11° floor
    So the elevator takes longer and I waste a lot of time waiting to go down and come back