a meme inspired on Pierre Bouvier 💙
  1. Static
    They don't understand! Specially if you have been a long time on tour so you're tired as hell.
  2. Static
    How come? These people think they hired you as a model? If you have the chance, it's much better just hang out with your idol and chat a little.
  3. Static
    Whyyyyy? They have no chance! Respect!
  4. Static
    This is a huge problem at the shows nowadays. Everybody is worried about taking pictures and film. Want to register the moment? Ok! But the entire show no, please! Enjoy the moment!
  5. Static
    Weren't they supposed to answer something like "fine", "ok", "good"...?
  6. Static
    Pierre almost did it in Porto Alegre. "Still Taking One For The Team" is a great name for the next album, isn't it?