This will be tough, but thanks for the LR @veshecco !
  1. List can be anything you make it to be
  2. Internet friends are real and amazing
    I get so excited to see a like or comment from a familiar lister
  3. I can be open
    I've posted things on List that I'd never post on any other social media platform
  4. People of all ages can get along
  5. Learn to adapt
    Stick out all these changes on List
  6. We're all more alike than different.
    And I mean that in a good way - we all seem to be kind-hearted
  7. Self love is a-okay
    You've done something your proud of? You're feeling yourself today? Post it on lousy and feel the love
  8. Be more creative with gifs
    I use them all the time now!
  9. I love looking up different cities on List and seeing what others have posted.
    Fun way to find out about other areas of the country and what locals are proud of
  10. I love learning and reading about Listers lives from other countries!