1. January
    Going to a Spurs game and seeing Tim Duncan live!
  2. February
    Trip to Punta Cana and drinking out of a coconut
  3. March
    Getting hooked on The Walking Dead, and having a no phone rule while watching (excluding taking this picture). Being scared enough to make a pillow/blanket fort for protection.
  4. April
    Another trip to Vegas, and doing something we've never done - the Neon Museum
  5. May
    Visiting friends in AZ; one day beer tasting, the next wine tasting
  6. June
    Hosting Father's Day BBQ and spending time with family
  7. July
    Watching the Independence Day fireworks from a boat in Lake Michigan
  8. August
    Seeing Niagara Falls from the Canadian side (first time in Canada, and first time seeing the Falls✔️✔️)
  9. September
    Taking Xander to Pet Fest. Afterwards he came with us to lunch and to see the old dam. It was a day dedicated to him.
  10. October
    Vegas for my birthday. Riding on the High Roller for the first time.
  11. November
    Seeing old friends - we all used to work at McDonald together (like 15 yrs ago) but still kept in touch.
  12. December
    Celebrating the holidays with family. ❤️
  13. I guess 2016 wasn't all bad.
  14. I'm ready for new adventures in 2017