And the shows/movies I liked them best in.
  1. Rachel Dratch
    I crack up whenever she's on 30 Rock
  2. Rachel True
    She had a fun role in Half Baked, but loved her in The Craft.
  3. Rachel Bilson
    Cindy in How I Met Your Mother - don't argue with me. It was an awesome show and she got to play the fun character of one of Ted's rememberable ex-girlfriend and the Mother's roommate.
  4. Rachel McAdams
    The Queen of the Mean Girls
  5. Rachel Blanchard
    Yes, she played Cher in the TV version of Clueless, but she was also the sweet naive cheerleader, Hannah, in Sugar & Spice - an underrated teen movie of the early 2000s
  6. Rachael Leigh Cook
    Who could forget Laney Boggs in She's All That? All she had to do to become popular was lose the glasses and ponytail. (Even though she spells her name with the extra A, she still makes the list)
  7. Evan Rachel Wood
    (Still makes the cut, since Rachel is part of her name). Her breakout role in Thirteen was iconic. She went from sweet goodie-goodie to a self-destructive mess.