Let me paint you a picture
  1. Back in October me and two friends were talking about going to see Backstreet Boys in Vegas
    Because, ya know, 90s nostalgia
  2. Friend one, we'll call her Jean, and friend two, let's call her Leigh, and I were really excited about going.
    Jean also asked her sister and friend if they wanted to go too. We also asked our other mutual friend, Erin, to go with us - girls trip!
  3. Jean is not ready to book by end of October.
    Understandable, it's awhile away.
  4. Second week in November Jean, Leigh, and I have a nice girls brunch out and talk more about going
    All three of us are excited! We're really doing this! Yayyy!
  5. Later that week I research flight, hotel, and concert tickets and get back to the girls with the pricing.
  6. Jean is not ready to book.
    Says, "I'm not sure about booking right now, but feel free to move forward without me."
  7. Leigh is really anxious about booking, gets a little pushy in a group text about wanting to book.
    I say let's give Jean another week or so to be sure. This way we can confirm if Erin wants to go too.
  8. Last week I hosted a girls gift exchange that we planned back during November brunch.
    Jean bails, saying she had a concert to go to that her husband never told her about.
  9. Leigh and I enter into another group text with Jean expressing our want to go and book early.
    We planned for March because they had the cheapest flight and hotel price, but that also means they're selling out quickly.
  10. No response from Jean.
  11. However, our other friend Erin can now confirm that she can go on the trip!
  12. I text Jean earlier today, completely non-concert related. She responds right away.
    Even with an "I miss you"
  13. Later in the day I text Leigh and Erin an updated plan for hotel, flight, and concert prices.
    Needed to search for a new hotel, as the original one sold out.
  14. I also send a separate text to Jean, "are you in or out for Vegas?"
    Hours later no response.
  15. Leigh, Erin, and I feel comfortable moving forward without Jean.
    Her earliest reaction said to move forward without her, and her lack of response today seemed like she wasn't interested anymore.
  16. I bought the flight, Leigh bought the tickets, and Erin booked our hotel.
  17. Leigh is excited and posts it on Facebook.
  18. Here's where the shit hits the fan
  19. Jean texts me
  20. My response
  21. And her, getting the last word
  22. I didn't know what to say to that. After two months of trying to plan this she knew we wanted to move forward.
  23. She said she isn't financially able to go. Did she want us to wait longer?
    Hotel prices would have gone up or sold out (March Madness season in Vegas is crazy busy)
  24. If she would have said she still wanted to go, we could have easily bought her flight and concert tickets and she could have paid us back later, no problem.
  25. Probably good I didn't respond, right?
    I don't want to say something rude.
  26. And maybe she needs time to calm down too?
  27. On a positive note, Backstreets back, alright!