A list based on how likely I am to order the drink or make them at home.
  1. Gin & tonic
    With a lime. Ever since turning 30, I've said this is my signature drink. Must be Rehorst (a Milwaukee distillery) or Hendricks.
  2. Vodka lemonade
    Or cranberry or anything really. When I don't know what I'm in the mood for, vodka and something will do.
  3. Margarita
    Lime, on the rocks. The only proper way to enjoy it.
  4. Bloody Mary
    Must be breakfast or brunch time. AND in Milwaukee, this always comes with a free beer chaser.
  5. Ice cream drinks
    such as Grasshoppers or Brandy Alexander. These remind me of holidays and time with family.
  6. Rum & Diet Coke
    Or pineapple. Must be Malibu though.
  7. Long islands
    "I'm here to get fucked up!" Ever had a Long Island taste testing day? I strongly recommend it.
  8. Brandy old fashion
    Another Wisconsin drink. I'm slowly learning to like them. This will be my signature drink by the time I'm 35 (or at least 40)
  9. Martinis
    These aren't really my jam
  10. Whiskey/bourbon/scotch
    I do not know how to properly drink any of these. If someone would like to explain these liquors to me, I'm all ears.